No bells or whistles this time around. I told myself when I started doing these that I’d do one for each episode left in the season and I just really want to see that through. There’s only 4 more episodes left in the season, anyway. I’m in too deep to stop now!

  • One person is getting a beacon hills lacrosse hoodie
  • Any size any character
  • Shipped anywhere
  • Posey wore one I gave him once. It was pretty neat. You can be just like Scott McCall if you want
  • That’s not relevant to the giveaway I just like to remember it because it makes me the happiest
  • Anyway.
  • One like, one reblog to enter. That’s it. Don’t abuse it. It’ll break the notes and then I’ll be upset with you.
  • Winner is chosen via random number generator. 
  • Giveaway is over MONDAY, MARCH 3rd. AT 11:30 EST.
  • You guys all know how this works by now I’m sure. Sorry again for my spam. 4 more weeks of this before I’ll stop doing them weekly (maybe.)

Hoodies are available here.

A fun gallery/tag of people wearing these hoodies can be found here!